Dakota Asha is a young aspiring Canadian Artist who specializes in traditional Indigenous paintings. As an artist based out of Winnipeg Manitoba on Treat 1 Territory, and one who belongs to the Wanipigow, a Treaty 5 Anishinaabe territory; Dakota loves to use her surroundings as inspirations in her paintings. Her unique artistic style explores different perspectives and colourful re-creations of portraits from local business owners, spiritual leaders, fellow artists as well as other inspirations. Dakota’s landscape paintings are often inspired by her surrounding community and rural settings. As an artist who likes to explore with a variety of artistic styles some of the featured collections you’ll find here include abstract realism, naturalism and murals; portraits and landscape paintings.  

As a naturalist, Dakota uses her surrounding environment as inspiration for a lot of her art collections and painting series. Whether she’s in Winnipeg or Minaki, Dakota focuses on creating art and using it as a way to connect with her culture and feel close to the world as the creator made it. The essence of each piece is represented in the brushstrokes and each detail is meticulously thought out. Incorporating Indigenous activists and leaders in the community is an important part of Dakota’s artistic ventures and her collection includes a series of portraits of indigenous activists and leaders in the community to bring awareness to issues Indigenous persons experience, not only in Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario but all throughout Canada and the World.  

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Dakota Asha welcomes you to reach out with your thoughts and perspectives of her art pieces and collections.  

May you find peace and joy in the comfort of one another.